T’is the season…


I want to wish all my readers a very happy Holiday season. If you celebrate it, have a wonderful time 🙂

I have released my one and only classic X&G/post-FIN story. If it’s your kinda thing and you choose to read it, I do hope you enjoy it!

You can find Full Circle HERE.

As usual, please read the disclaimers ( you might actually have a little chuckle this time 😉 )

I wish you all a fabulous and love-filled 2016.



A Time of Change…


Just a quick announcement for anyone who watches this blog.

I’m having a bit of a rough time at the moment, so I have decided to put my plans for a new book on the shelf for the time being.

I will continue with my online series when I can, and I will finish my current (free) WIP, Full Circle.

That’s all for now.

A spark of life…


Hello rabid readers,

Well, I finally finished a project…the first one since my debut novel came out in October last year.

I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for a long time, but recently I’ve had opportunity to actually sit down at my desk. Imagine my surprise when my muse showed up too!

The latest installment of my series is finished and up on my other WordPress site – After Montana – and the next thing to get my attention is a new published book…the one I talked about the last time I posted here. Yes, I’m going to drag the files out and dust them off. It’s time to create something that may just be out in time to put in your Christmas stocking.

I’d better get a move on 😉

Getting Ready…


It’s almost time to get back to it. Writing, I mean. After a whirlwind year full of all sorts of distracting things, including moving house, I am close to the point of settling into my office chair and grabbing a hot mug of coffee.

I can feel more edits of my online series coming on…and when they are finally done, it’s on with the new material. I’m looking forward to finding new ways to entertain my readers, as well as make them shout “Say what?!” at their screens now and again too.

CJ and Kate Carson will be back with a new After Montana episode before I take on the challenge of continuing my next published book, a tale of two NYPD officers thrown together amid the hunt for a cop killer. Both women have their issues, and it won’t be an easy ride…

My first novel, To Die For, has just received another 5-star review from a UK reader. I am always happy to discover that something I have written has touched someone…even if it just makes them think or feel for a moment.

This busy time in my life has been a long hiatus from the thing that I love to do…write stories and create characters…but my muse is prepped and ready to perform. Soon… 🙂

Happy 2015!

Hello reader-type people 🙂

I have only tiny pieces of information to report.

Life is quite a distraction sometimes, and my writing has slowed to a tad slower than a snail’s pace. Perhaps it is that snail’s pace that has unwound my buzzing muse and laid it out flat on my desk. It has stopped buzzing.

So I am editing my online series right now to get through the blank-brain moments, and maybe, just maybe this editing time will spawn some adventures for you all to read this year.

To Die For has done very well so far, and I want to thank everyone who has bought – and hopefully, enjoyed – my debut novel. It received another 5-star review today, so I am one happy chicken. And my mentor loves it too, which adds to the happy chicken score.

The next book is in the works, and since my muse is still on its thinking-only stage (writers are always thinking about their next story, even when they’re not writing it), I have had a wonderful friend take a look at the cover concept. I just know he is going to come up with a super-cool layout for me, and I’ll have to buy him another coffee 😉

Anyway, I just want to wish everyone a happy and heart-prosperous 2015. I say heart-prosperous because I believe that is the most important kind of prosperity. Be happy! Here’s to a good year for us all!


To Die For – is out now on AMAZON.

Available in paperback, and very soon for Kindle.

ToDieFor adheaderfb a

“Eleanor Simpson has lived a relatively charmed life. Despite her mother’s tragic early death, Eleanor’s doting and wealthy father ensured she never wanted for a thing. Maiah Reyes, on the other hand, suffered through years of her own father’s physical and emotional abuse. When Maiah couldn’t take any more, she made a life altering decision that would eventually lead to the two women finding one another under the strangest of circumstances.

Eleanor’s dying father sends her on an unexpected trip into Yosemite National Park in the hope she’ll find peace and self-understanding. Instead, she catches a glimpse of a beautiful woman who seems to blend in with the forest around her. Eleanor is haunted by the woman’s face, and sets out to discover her identity. Research leads her to the unsolved disappearance of Maiah Reyes, a child prodigy who went missing on a camping trip twenty years ago.

Eleanor wonders if the woman in the woods could be the long lost Maiah. She sets out to make contact, and their fledgling friendship becomes a budding romance. Their love has the potential to teach both women lessons about trust and faith, and help each one find her true self.”